About Dr. Alok Chhabra

MS (Surgery, Gold Medalist), MRCS (Edinburgh, UK), MD (Breast Surgery, UK)
FRCS (London, UK), DLS (France), Laparoscopic GI Fellowship (Cornwall, UK)
Director Surgical Sciences, Nims Hospital, Jaipur
Senior Consultant - Breast & Gastrointestinal Surgery

Dr. Alok Chhabra has gained excellent laparoscopic skills during his training and while working in different surgical firms. He possesses 15 years of experience working in various UK Hospitals with prominent internationally renowned faculty. The following procedures have been performed by him under supervision as well as independently and his signature operations are Laparoscopic colectomies, Laparoscopic abdominoperineal resection, Laparoscopic ELAPE with and without VRAM flap and TEMS/TEO (Transanal Endoscopic Operation) which is performed only in few selected centers in India.

He has wide experience in Ano-Proctology, Pelvic Floor Surgery and Complex Hernia Repair including Abdominal Wall Reconstruction with Component Separation Technique.

He possesses expertise in Breast Surgery including Breast Cancer Surgery & Benign Breast Diseases. He has gained the expertise whilst working with the world-renowned faculty, Prof Robert Mansel in Cardiff.

He performs breast-conserving surgery with sentinel node biopsy for Breast Cancer patients which helps patients in better and quick recovery. This Surgery is being performed only in very few centers in Rajasthan and he is one of the pioneers in performing this surgery.

He also performs various General Surgical procedures including Gallbladder Surgery, Hernia Surgery, Pilonidal sinus, Hemorrhoids, Fissures & Fistula Surgery.